“Disrupt or get Disrupted“

Day 1

Day 2

“Digital Transformation in the Age of COVID-19: Don’t let a Good Crisis Go to Waste!”

Prof. Yannis A. Pollalis, Professor of Strategy & Director of iLEADS Lab, University of Piraeus
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“Ιnnovation in unprecedented times: Introducing NBG’s pandemic-proof digital offering”

Effie Bitrou, Head of Digital Banking, National Bank
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“Smart Networking: The heart of a Digitally Enabled Enterprise”

Filippos Mandilaris, Supervisor Group product Manager Networking Products, Info Quest Technologies
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“IBM Cloud Paks for Digital transformation”

Andreas Tsangaris, Chief Technology Officer, Performance Technologies
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“Disruptive impact of the COVID-19 to the digitalization of the Primary Health Services”

Tommi Kemppainen, Director and Head of Digital, Nordic Health Group
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“Digital Journey, from Strategy to Execution”

Kostas Fiakas, Chief Strategy Officer, INFORM, member of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS
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“CASE STUDY – Financial Sector:Challenges and Opportunities in Data Driven Transformation”

Wade H. Britt, Chief Operating Officer, Baton Global
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“Consumer Centricity in a transformative era”

Nikos Fligos, Director Commercial Operations, GR, CY, MT, PAPASTRATOS, Philip Morris International
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“The Experience of a Modern Workplace in action”

Christos Dimitriadis, Senior Technology Advisor, Office Line SA
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“Designing for digital transformation: The emerging integration of customer and employee experiences”

Mary Wharmby, BBVA Former Head of Design Transformation,Founder & Head Strategist, Design Transformation
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“REBRAIN GREECE: Collective Intelligence within the disruption notion in Digital Governance”

Dimitris Panopoulos, Executive Officer, Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity, Greece
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“Digital Transformation for Finance”

Michalis Tsavdaridis, Group Finance Operations Manager, Google
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“COVID-19 pandemic: Shifting Modality. The Case of Hellenic American University”

  • Dr. Ioannis Filippopoulos, Academic Director of Informatics and Engineering Division, Hellenic American University, Digital Transformation Specialist
  • Spyros Christopoulos, Information Technology Manager & Adjunct Professor, Hellenic American University
  • Dimitris Tolias, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics, Director, eLearning, Hellenic American University

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“C-19 Enabling Remote Workers & Agents”

Vassilis Koutsopagos, Consulting Sales Engineer Manager, Barphone
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“Investing in safeguarding your Organisations Digital Resiliency”

Ali Moinuddin, Managing Director Europe, Uptimeinstitute
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“Process Automation and deep consultancy knowledge, the starting points of the of Digital Transformation Journe”

Lefteris Anastasakis, Vice-President, Senior Sales Director, PRIORITY
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